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Compare! Achievements 2018~2022: 
Trademark registration success rate: 96%+ 
Number of business transactions 15,998+ 
Trademark applications represented 18,654+ 
Since its establishment in 2006, iRify International Patent Office has been engaged in intellectual property acquisition services for large and medium-sized enterprises, ministries, local governments, etc. in order to meet the needs of diversifying markets and under the motto of increasing the intellectual property value of Japan.

In the meantime, the globalization of business and the business environment and the development of technologies such as SNS and communication infrastructure have led to the rapid circulation of various information such as designs and business models, resulting in numerous emergencies and imitations. In this context, there have been many cases in which the intellectual property of Japan companies is infringed on by overseas markets or overseas companies, and the risk of being involved in unexpected lawsuits has emerged due to insufficient understanding and response to the rights of Japan companies and organizations.

As the company celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, the company name was changed to iRify. iRify aims to realize “IP-driven management” that protects intellectual property, which is an organization’s assets, such as inventions, new designs, brand logos, names, and copyrighted works, and utilizes it for aggressive management to promote the sound development and growth of the business. By doing so, we will contribute to the promotion of international competitiveness and innovation of Japan companies, and the protection of the rights of local governments and NPOs. Yoko Naganuma, who was appointed in October 2019, will continue to serve as Representative Patent Attorney.

About the origin of the office name iRify

・IRIS: The goddess of quick legs who delivers good news The goddess in Greek mythology, also known as “Iris”, is the goddess of the rainbow. She is also known as the “Messenger of the Rainbow” and the goddess of luck who delivers good news. We have a mission to shine the value of “intellectual property” in seven colors and convey its existence to the world.

・IRIFI: Hot air rushing through the desert The hot air that runs through the harsh desert rushes powerfully without flinching in the harsh conditions of rapid change. By analyzing the current situation from multiple angles, we will maximize the limitless value of “intellectual property” and push forward strongly to support your further leap forward.

4 Benefits of Trademarking with iRify

Have a trademark advisor on your side

Have a trademark advisor on your side

iRify does not say that “once you register a trademark, your role is over”. Even after trademark registration, please contact us immediately if you have any problems or questions. Consultation is free, so you can rest assured.
Your trademark becomes a brand

Your trademark becomes a brand

If you register a trademark, others will not be able to use it without permission. If you provide good products and services in a situation where you can use the trademark exclusively, the trademark will eventually become a brand.
Increased credibility on Amazon< etc.

Increased credibility on Amazon and others

“Amazon Brand Registry” allows you to exercise greater authority within Amazon. In addition, trademark registration may be a condition for opening a store in a department store.
Trademarks can be used as property rights

Trademarks can be used as property rights

You will be able to obtain consideration through a “license agreement (licensing)” or “assignment of trademark rights” that authorize the use of registered trademarks, and receive loans using trademark rights as collateral.

Trademark Registration Easy3STEP


Applying for a Trademark Search

First of all, please let us know your trademark information. The official request will be made after the meeting in Step 2, so you can apply with confidence.



A dedicated representative will contact you. Consider cost-effectiveness and propose and confirm how to register a trademark. All doubts and anxieties should be cleared up here. Even if you do not make an official request after the meeting, we will not charge you any fees.


Leave the rest to us!

Leave everything to our dedicated staff. A dedicated representative will contact you when necessary. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time (free of charge). Even after the trademark is registered, the same dedicated person in charge will respond.

What does it mean to register a trademark?

Trademark registration is essential to business
At worst, a fine of 3 million yen & 10 years imprisonment
In the trademark world, “I didn’t know” doesn’t work.
If you are sued for trademark infringement for using someone else’s trademark without registering your trademark, you risk being fined, compensated for damages, or imprisoned.
Trademark registration is essential for business
Trademark registration is insurance for business
Every smart business owner has “business insurance”
Trademark registration is important for the safe continuation of a business.
It should be noted that trademark registration is “the first to come”. “I used it earlier” doesn’t work.
Is it okay if someone else steals an important trademark (brand)?
Trademark Registration Is Business Insurance
If you do not register a trademark, there is a risk
You will no longer be able to use the trademark you were using
In the event of trademark infringement, you will not be able to use signboards, web pages, take-out bags, staff uniforms, etc. with the trademark.
Loss of credibility in the established trademark (brand)
If others use your trademark without your permission, the reputation of your products and services may be damaged, and in turn, the credibility of the company may be lost.
If you have registered a trademark, you can stop unauthorized use.
If you do not register a trademark, there is a risk

Examples of Trademark Applications

Trademark use case 1

We were able to prevent the flood of counterfeit products and
brand them.

Mr. A, the owner, was worried that sales had dropped due to damage from inferior counterfeit products by other companies. Succeeded in stopping the sale of counterfeit products by registering a trademark …

Sole proprietorship Mr. B
Trademark use case 2

Amazon Brand Registry gives
you an advantage

Mr. B received “harassment by carpooling”, which is now a problem on Amazon. When I registered a trademark to register a brand on Amazon, the harassment disappeared …

Intellectual Property Department, Employee C
Trademark use case 3

Used as a shield
to protect FC’s brand image

Brand pre-emption has been in the news lately. Mr. C of the Intellectual Property Department succeeded in registering a trademark early to protect the brand preemption and image …

Media appearances

Yoko Naganuma has commented and commented on trademarks, copyrights, and characters in various media such as TV, newspapers, magazines, and the web from the standpoint of a patent attorney specializing in

Yoko Naganuma

Member of Japan Patent Attorneys Association: No. 20172 Japan Trademark Association (JTA)
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