Registration Process

1 Application for Strict Trademark Search and Application (Free of Charge) Customers

Please provide us with your trademark information. → Click here for the application formPlease be assured that there is no cost only for strict trademark search and application application.If you wish, we will give you telephone advice on whether or not you need to register your trademark in the first place before applying for a rigorous search (free of charge).
We also answer common trademark questions and costs.
Please say, “I would like a free consultation before a rigorous investigation.” 0120-064-660Weekdays 10am~18pm* There is no cost incurred only by phone (consultation).

2 Meeting (e-mail or telephone) Customer iRify International Patent Office

A dedicated person in charge will respond responsibly. First of all, a dedicated representative will contact you by email or phone. There is no problem with customers who are far away or who do not have time to meet in person for meetings. Visitors are also welcome. Here, we will propose and confirm how to register a trademark (protection of rights) and explain the cost (total amount). I think that any doubts or concerns can be resolved at this stage.

3 Strict Trademark Search iRify International Patent Office

Based on the contents of the meeting, a dedicated person in charge will conduct a strict trademark search. To determine the degree of relegibilability, we will consider all about 30 examination items that the JPO examiners consider.

4 Joint Meeting iRify International Patent Office

Based on the research materials of the dedicated person in charge, we will make a final decision on the possibility of registering the customer’s trademark through a collaborative discussion involving multiple patent attorneys. There are not many patent firms that go this far. There is a reason for iRify International Patent Office’s high trademark registration success rate.

5 Reporting Trademark Search Results iRify International Patent Office

A dedicated person in charge will report the results of the investigation (possibility of trademark registration). If the likelihood of registration is low, we will advise you on how to increase the likelihood of registration.

6 Instructions for filing trademark applications Customers

Please consider whether or not to file a trademark registration application with the JPO. If you decide to apply, please instruct the dedicated person in charge. Even if the application is abandoned due to low registration potential, iRify International Patent Office will not charge any search fee (cancellation fee).

7 Confirmation of application details and transfer of application fee Customers

A dedicated person in charge will send you an e-mail asking you to confirm the contents of the document to be submitted to the JPO. Please check that there are no errors in the contents. If there are no errors, please transfer the cost at the time of filing the trademark application.

8 Application for trademark registration with the JPO iRify International Patent Office

As soon as the transfer is confirmed, we will file an application for your trademark with the JPO.

Examination – Report of examination results (6 months to 1 year)

9 Examination JPO

The examiner will examine whether it is okay to register your trademark. If the trademark registration is successfully approved, iRify International Patent Office will be notified of the “Grant of Registration”. On the other hand, if there is a reason why the trademark registration is not granted, a “notice of reasons for refusal” will be issued.

10 Report of Assessment of Registration iRify International Patent Office

If we receive a notice of a “Registration Assessment”, we will promptly report it to you.

If you receive a “notice of reasons for refusal”, we will consult with you about future measures such as whether to take measures to overturn the examiner’s decision or to abandon registration. If you give up your registration, we will refund the full success fee. iRify International Patent Office conducts rigorous trademark searches, so it is rare to receive a “Notice of Reasons for Refusal”.


11 Transfer of registration fee Customers

Upon receipt of the “Grant of Registration” report from iRify International Patent Office, you will be required to transfer the trademark registration fee. Upon confirmation of the transfer, iRify International Patent Office will pay the registration fee to the JPO.

12 Registration of Establishment of Trademark Rights JPO

After payment of the registration fee, “trademark rights” are created by setting and registering. The trademark you have applied for will now become a “registered trademark”, and you can enjoy various benefits as a “trademark owner”. For more information on the benefits of trademark registration, please see the benefits of trademark registration here.

Even after trademark registration, please leave it to iRify International Patent Office

Even after the trademark is registered, iRify International Patent Office will respond with the same dedicated person in charge as when filing the application. Please feel free to contact us (free of charge).

iRify International Patent Firm for Trademark Registration